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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE launches new website with the unique Hopemeet match engine

The Hopemeet match engine is a free web service that helps users connect with people with whom they otherwise wouldn't have a way to contact

ZADAR, Croatia, February 2019 — announces the launch of their website at The primary goal of the website is to provide all users an interface to the's unique Hopemeet match engine - a web service that helps users connect with people they otherwise haven't got a way to contact.

"Hopemeet is an autonomous web service. All the data and code reside and run on our servers," said founder Ivica Paleka. "Users can see and browse only the data entered by themselves, and the website doesn't implement any type of user tracking mechanism. Those principles, together with the industry standard of encryption used for all the pages, represent the foundation to promote Hopemeet as a privacy and anonymity focused match engine."

The purpose of the Hopemeet match engine is to connect users with people they haven't got a way to contact. If there are other options to accomplish this, then users should try those options first; for example, if contact information can be gathered by contacting common acquaintances or friends, or by searching the Internet based on known facts, etc. The Hopemeet match engine is here to help when other options have been exhausted.

Another practical use of the Hopemeet match engine is to emphasize the service and website as a way to keep in touch. That happens if someone is running out of time to exchange contact information, or when exchanging contact information isn't possible or appropriate. In that case, for example, a simple pronunciation of or the Hopemeet match engine may provide other persons to a mechanism of staying in touch; the goal should be pointing to the service as a way of establishing contact between two people.

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Hopemeet could result in a match through two basic elements and three additional parameters. The first element is a person the user has searched for, and the other element is the user. The first two parameters are time and location when they previously met (or times and locations if there were several occasions). The third parameter is the details the user uses to describe the person, him/herself and the occasion (or occasions) when the two of them met.

"User contact information will possibly be shown to another user, but that will happen only and exclusively after the user confirms that the suggested user is the actual person he or she has searched for," stated Mr. Paleka. "Also, users are able to review and pick the contact information that is presented to the matching user. The same for the other way around, as that is the only point when another user's contact information can be shown to a user," said Mr. Paleka and emphasized, "And that outcome represents the ultimate goal of the Hopemeet - match engine for everybody."


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Ivica Paleka

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For a quick introduction to the Hopemeet match engine you may see our infographics or you may visit our Youtube channel and watch our promotional video. Find the downloadable materials on our brand assets page.

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