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  • edit Introduction

    In the upper left corner of your Home page you may find a link to your Profile page where you may edit your basic information.

    Together with a link for changing your password, here you can find links to your connected emails and social accounts.

    Here you also may deactivate your account.

  • short_text Name and last name

    Your name and last name will only display on your home page. Nobody will ever use that information, and hopemeet.me won't show your data to anybody.

  • wc Gender

    Your gender is information the Hopemeet match engine will use to search for the persons you've added from your home page.

  • language Language

    The language you enter will be the default language used when you add a new person. Select your primary language here.

    If you had been using a different language when you met with the particular person, change the language used on that person's page.

  • spellcheck Scroll in detail pages

    In detail pages, your browser scrolls to the spell suggestions panel by default after you've focused a field with a misspelled word.

    You may disable that functionality by selecting that option here on your profile page.

  • send Email notification of a possible match

    If the Hopemeet match engine found you a possible match, then a link to it will be available on your home page and on the related person page.

    If you also want to be notified by an email, then you should select this option in your profile page. An email to your primary email will be sent afterward.

  • do_not_disturb_alt Deactivate account

    Click the Deactivate button to start the process of deleting your account.

    After entering the correct captcha value, and submitting the form, your account will be deactivated.

    For security reasons, we'll not delete your account immediately – the past week's deactivated accounts are scheduled for deleting on Wednesdays.

  • save Updating data

    Click the Update button if you want to save the data.

    As a reminder for you to save the data, the button border is visible when you made any changes.

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Help page for editing your profile data.
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