Edit profile emails

  • mail Introduction

    This is the page where you can edit the emails connected with your Hopemeet account.

    Later, when the engine finds you a match, you can pick which email(s) you want to share with that person.

  • library_add Adding email

    To add an email, enter it in the input field and click the Add email button. The added email will display in the list at the top of the page.

  • verified_user Primary email

    Decide which email is your primary email for the hopemeet.me website. Select the option box in the list at the top of the page with that email and click the Make primary button.

  • send Email verification

    Email verification is needed so we can be sure you are in control of the email account. A verification link is sent for the email you entered during the registration process.

    Here, you can verify another email, or re-send verification for the initially entered email. Select the option box in the list at the top of the page with an email and click the Re-send verification button.

    The list of emails at the top of the page shows if an email is verified or not.

  • remove_circle Remove email

    The list of the emails you've connected to your profile is at the top of the page. Select the option box with an email in the list and click the Remove button to remove it.

    Keep in mind that you cannot remove your primary email address. If you want to delete such an email, make another email primary first.

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Help page for connecting emails to your profile.
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