Edit person data

  • person Introduction

    After you add a person here, you may review and change the data you've entered for that person.

    You may also find links to detail this person and to detail yourself pages.

    At the bottom of the page, you may find a list of all your occasions and a link for adding a new occasion.

    If the Hopemeet match engine has found a match for this person, then a link will be listed here.

  • group Persons list

    On the left side of the page you may find the links to all the persons you've added to your Hopemeet account.

    The person you're editing right now will be presented with a light blue background.

  • dashboard Detail buttons

    At the top of the page, you may find the links to detail this person and detail yourself pages.

  • description Description

    For a quick distinction between other persons on your home page, you use person descriptions.

    Descriptions should be brief and memorable as they are used only by you, the match engine won't use them for any purpose.

  • subject Additional information

    This is another piece of information for your use only. You may use it as a hints list to yourself.

    You may enter data in the Additional information area - this will guide you when you return to this person after a long time.

  • wc Gender

    The Hopemeet match engine uses person gender as one of its main search parameters.

    If person gender is unknown or if that is irrelevant, then you should set person gender to Other.

  • language Language

    Your spoken language is highly relevant to the match engine. The Hopemeet match engine will compare words you entered in the details pages with those entered by other persons.

  • thumbs_up_down Add to match engine

    By default, every person will be included in the match engine's search for a match.

    You may temporarily exclude a specific person from a match search by selecting the option here on the person page. After, that person's description appears with a strikethrough across the website.

  • save Updating data

    Click the Update button for permanent data changes.

    If you have made any changes, then the border of the button will be visible, reminding you to save your changes.

  • person_pin_circle Add occasion

    Beside person, the occasion is the basic element of the Hopemeet match engine.

    Click the Add Occasion button to add one of the occasions when and where you met the person. That will take you to the Add occasion page.

  • format_list_bulleted Occasions list

    All the occasions you've added for this person will be listed on this page.

    They will be presented as the cards you may click to go to that occasion's page.

  • thumbs_up_down Match

    If the Hopemeet match engine has found a new match for this person, then a link will be listed at the top of the page. That open match link will have an amber background color.

    The list of all the matches that the match engine has found for this person will be listed at the bottom of the page.

    Those links to matches will have background colors related to their related match statuses.

    Amber color defines an open match whose status hasn't yet been confirmed. A successful match is light blue. Grey means a rejected status.

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Please, also check detail person, detail myself and adding new occasion help pages.