Edit occasion data

  • person_pin_circle Introduction

    You review and change the occasion data here on this page.

    A link to detail this occasion page is also here.

  • format_list_bulleted Occasions list

    On the left, you may find the links to all the occasions related to this person.

    Currently editing occasion in that list is distinct by a light blue background.

  • dashboard Detail occasion

    The link to detail the occasion page is located at the top.

  • short_text Name

    Use a brief information to name an occasion.

    The purpose of this field is for you to differentiate an occasion from others in a related person's occasions list.

    If you leave this field empty then the hopemeet.me will compile occasion's location and date for presentation purposes.

  • access_time Time

    The occasion time is set when you enter at least one of its attributes.

    You may either enter a value in the corresponding date part field or you pick a date from a pop-up calendar that will emerge when you click the Pick a date field.

    You choose a time (hour and minutes) in a similar way, either by clicking the ...and time field and selecting the correct value in a pop-up window or by entering a value directly into the time field.

    When you don't know the exact date, but you are sure in a weekday, then you may select a weekday instead of a day's ordinal in a month.

  • timelapse Time accuracy

    Set the time part accuracy to Exact if you are sure of the time part value you've entered.

    If you aren't sure, then you should choose Around.

    Use Ignore if you want the Hopemeet match engine to ignore the time part in searching for a match.

  • place Latitude and longitude

    Placing the marker in the map sets the occasion latitude and longitude.

    Another way to achieve the same is by using the search box in the map's right corner.

    A list of places appears above the search box when you enter some characters in it. After you pick an item from the list, that place will be shown in the center of the map.

  • my_location Location accuracy

    Select the maximum zoom when you are sure of the location.

    Use a smaller zoom when you aren't sure of the entered location.

    The first three options are used for the occasions happened online.

    You should use the following three options when you and the person met during a travel by boat, plane, etc.

  • save Updating data

    The Update button has to be clicked for permanent data changes.

    As a save reminder, any data changes will make the border of the button visible.

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