Detail me

  • dashboard Introduction

    The Hopemeet match engine has three type of detail pages and Detail myself is one of them.

    After you created a person and detailed him/her afterward, now you should detail yourself by describing words.

  • gavel Basic rules for detail myself page
    • keyboard_arrow_right Every field should contain a single word

      Don't write a sentence in a single field. Write a single word in the first field and another word in the second field.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Hopemeet expects detailing by pairs of words

      A pair of words should be used to describe a single thing. You should combine an adjective and a noun, two nouns, an adverb and a verb, etc.

    • keyboard_arrow_right You move to another field when you confirm the current one

      You confirm input by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard on a desktop computer or on a Smartphone's screen keyboard.

      When you confirm an input then the next field will be focused. You can't confirm an empty value, so in that case your cursor will remain in the current field.

      Confirming the second word, you save a pair in the database (if, of course, that value isn't empty).

      The other way to navigate among fields is with the Tab key. If you changed some field value it won't be saved in the database afterward, so you must click the Update button to do that.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Updated last pair creates a new pair

      Confirm the first field of the last pair in a section and an empty pair will be created bellow.

  • thumb_up Best practices for detail myself pages
    • keyboard_arrow_right You should guess what the person will write about yourself

      The detail page's content will be compared by the Hopemeet match engine with the other users person detail pages they wrote about a person they are looking for.

      So, try to predict what the user would write about yourself. Don't hesitate to write every word that comes to mind. Remember – the more, the better!

    • keyboard_arrow_right Describe every detail you remember

      As always on Hopemeet detail pages: MORE IS BETTER!

      Describe yourself thoroughly: your clothes and shoes, the gestures you made and the actions you took.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Detail the words you said

      Put down the words you said to this person.

      Write the words you said even if they weren't addressed to this person directly. Do that if you find those words to be significant and you think this person probably remembered them.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Repeating the words is encouraged

      It's expected in Hopemeet detail pages that you describe a single action or thing by using multiple pair of words:

      • sport  supporter
      • happy  supporter
      • guest  supporter
    • keyboard_arrow_right Use of synonyms is encouraged

      Your "Detail me" page content is compared by the Hopemeet match engine with other users "Detail person" pages.

      You don't know which words another person would use to describe yourself. To increase the chance for a successful match, you should use as many synonyms as you can:

      • sport  supporter
      • sport  fan
      • sport  rooter
    • keyboard_arrow_right Repeating the words used in "Detail occasion" page is encouraged

      Don't hesitate to write something about you here in "Detail myself" page just because you wrote the same in Detail occasion page. Repeating words across detail pages is encouraged.

  • view_column Sections

    The way to organize your detail page is to create sections of pairs.

    You may organize sections into groups describing some action or thing, but the way you do that isn't relevant to the Hopemeet match engine. The sections are there primarily to improve visual appearance to you.

    A new section is created by clicking the Add button in the last column. The newly created section is placed last in order and has only one empty row of inputs.

    A newly created section behaves just like any other section.

  • highlight Highlight pair

    If the Hopemeet match engine finds you a possible match then pairs that you highlighted will be shown in a match page to the matching user.

    These highlighted pairs will help convince the matching user that you really are the person he/she has searched for.

    It works other way too - if the words you highlighted don't ring any bell to another user that means you are not the person he/she is looking for. Rejecting the match will save time for both of you in such a case.

    To highlight a pair, click the Highlight button (located in the panel at the top of the page) while your cursor is located in wanted field. The pair will have an amber color background afterward.

    You erase the highlight status of a highlighted pair by clicking the Default button in the top panel while your cursor is located in a highlighted field.

    After you change the status(es) of some pair(s), click the Update button to preserve changes in the database.

  • spellcheck Spelling suggestions

    Your detail myself page is compared with the other users' detail person pages by the Hopemeet match engine.

    If you have some spelling errors in your text that may decrease chances for a match. We propose a way to maximize those chances by correcting those spelling errors.

    Correctly spelled words are colored black in detail pages. If you add a word that isn't in the dictionary then that word color will change to dark pink.

    When you click a dark pink colored word then the spelling suggestions will be presented in the top panel.

    A click initiates scrolling to the suggestions panel. That scroll action is the default behaviour, and you may prevent scrolling by selecting the related option in your profile page.

    Click one of the words suggested in the top panel and that word will replace your original word.

    You can see the word you originally entered in the suggestion panel too, it's the last one in the panel and it's underlined. If you click it there in the panel then it will be added to the dictionary. That way the will stop considering it a misspelled word.

  • save Updating data

    When you confirm a pair's second field and both fields contain the non-empty values, then that pair is saved in the database.

    Afterward, the Update button in the top panel will show up as borderless if meanwhile no other data has been changed. That indicates that you have the most recent database data.

    If that's not the case then the Update button has a visible borders. That means that you must click the button if you want your changes to be saved in the database.

  • delete_forever Deleting data

    To delete a pair, both of its words have to be deleted. That empty pair is deleted from the database after you click the Update button.

    The similar goes with a section as well: you must delete all the section pairs if you want to delete the section itself. Click the Update button afterward and the section is deleted.

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