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  • dashboard Introduction

    One of the basic pages is Detail person page.

    After you create a person, the next step is detailing that person with the plain words.

  • gavel Hints for Detail person page
    • keyboard_arrow_right Enter single word in a field

      Each field should contain just a single word. Don't write sentences - enter one word in first field and another in the second.

    • keyboard_arrow_right The Hopemeet match engine constrains you to group words in pairs

      Use a pair to describe a single action or thing. Use an adjective and a noun, a noun and a verb, an adverb and a verb, etc.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Move among fields by confirming current input

      The Enter key on your keyboard on a desktop computer or on a Smartphone's screen keyboard is used as input confirmation.

      After you've confirmed an input your cursor and focus will be placed in the next field. However, if you haven't entered any value the cursor and focus will remain in the current field.

      Confirmation of a non-empty input in the pair's second field saves that pair in the database.

      You may also navigate among fields by pressing the Tab key. In that case, your changed inputs won't be automatically saved in the database, and you must click the Update button in order to save the change(s).

    • keyboard_arrow_right Fill the last pair to create a new pair

      After you've confirmed the first field of the last pair in a section, an empty pair will appear beneath.

  • thumb_up Best practices for person detail pages
    • keyboard_arrow_right Try to predict what the person will write about himself/herself

      The content of this detail page is compared by the Hopemeet match engine to another user's "Detail myself" page content.

      In this page you write about things and actions by guessing what the user would write about himself/herself. Write about everything that comes to your mind, as always on detail pages the more you write, the better!

    • keyboard_arrow_right Detail everything you remember

      Detail pages on the Hopemeet website don't fit into "less is more": MORE IS BETTER!

      Detail the person comprehensively: the clothes he/she was wearing, the actions he/she took, etc..

    • keyboard_arrow_right Write the words this person said

      Write the words this person said to you.

      Write any words you found significant, even if they weren't addressed to you directly. Don't hesitate to repeat the words.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to repeat the words

      On the detail pages, the characteristics of a single detail or an action are described with multiple pairs:

      • black  sweater
      • long  sleeves
      • wooden  sweater
    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to use the synonyms

      Our match engine compares your person detail page with other users detail pages.

      You are not sure which words another person will use to describe himself/herself. Using the synonyms to describe characteristics or actions may help:

      • black  sweater
      • dark  pullover
      • inky  jumper
    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to repeat yourself from the occasion's detail pages

      It's not a mistake if you write something here in the person's detail page even if you used the same words in the person's occasion detail page.

  • view_column Sections

    Detail page is organized by the sections of pairs.

    A section could cover some particular action or thing in a whole, but that's neither binding nor does it affect the match engine. Use the section feature any way you find useful.

    To create a new section, click the Add button in the last column. This will create a new section/column with an empty pair at the top.

    You may come back and update pairs at any time. Write the words in the last pair of the section and the section will grow as usual.

  • highlight Highlight pair

    Highlighted pairs will be presented to the eventual matching user in a match page.

    The main purpose of this feature is to emphasize details that will assure the matching user you are really the person he or she is looking for.

    Another way to avoid false positives and spare you and other user's time - they will reject a match if they aren't familiar with the highlighted words.

    Position the cursor in a field and click the Highlight button in the top panel to highlight a pair. The pair's background color will change to amber, implying a highlighted pair.

    Click the Default button in the top panel to revert a pair status to the usual one.

    Use the Update button to save the highlighted pairs in the database.

  • spellcheck Spelling suggestions

    The Hopemeet match engine compares your person detail page with other users' detail pages.

    A word should be spelled exactly the same, so every spelling error decreases your chances of being matched. We offer you a way to correct those errors to maximize the outcome.

    The normal text color in detail pages is black, and if a word you've added can't be found in the dictionary then the color changes to dark pink.

    The list of spelling suggestions will appear in the top panel of a detail page if you click the dark pink colored word.

    By default your browser will automatically scroll up to the suggestions panel. You may prevent this from happening in your profile page.

    If you want to accept a suggestion from the list, click on it and your original word will change.

    If you want to add the original word to dictionary, click it in the panel. Your word will be underlined and it will be placed last on the list. After you add a word to the dictionary, you won't be warned about that word again.

  • save Updating data

    If you confirm a non-empty value of the pair's second field then that pair will be saved in the database.

    If you haven't changed any other value on the page, then the Update button will become borderless. That means your data is up-to-date with the database.

    In every other case, the Update button will have a visible borders. The border means you have to click the button to save the detail data.

  • delete_forever Deleting data

    In order to delete a pair, you must delete both words. After you update your data, that pair will be deleted.

    To delete a section, you must delete all of its pairs. After updating, that section will be deleted.

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