Detail occasion

  • dashboard Introduction

    Detail occasion page represents one of the basic pages of the Hopemeet match engine.

    After you've defined the time and location, it's time to detail the occasion using words.

  • gavel Main guidelines for Detail occasion page
    • keyboard_arrow_right One word per a field

      You're not supposed to write sentences in detail pages. Write one word per field in every row.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Word pairs in detail pages

      Describe a single action or thing with every pair of inputs. You should use a pair of nouns, a noun and a verb, an adjective and a noun, etc.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Confirming current input to move on

      Press the Enter key on your keyboard (or on a Smartphone's screen keyboard) to confirm your input.

      You can't confirm an empty value. You may move to the next field only after confirming a non-empty value in the current field.

      A pair is recorded after you confirm the second word of that pair.

      You may also navigate between fields using the Tab key. Please keep in mind that you must confirm saving to the database by clicking the Update button afterward.

    • keyboard_arrow_right New pair will be created after you fill the last one

      To speed up the process, a new empty pair will be created after you confirm the first field of the section's last pair.

  • thumb_up Best practices for occasion detail pages
    • keyboard_arrow_right Write every word you can remember

      Write the words that were spoken during occasion.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Describe every detail you remember

      Detail pages on website don't fit into "Less is more": MORE IS BETTER!

    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to repeat the words

      It's quite usual to describe the characteristics of a thing or an action with multiple pairs:

      • parrot  screaming
      • loud  screaming
      • redhead  parrot
    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to use the synonyms

      You can't exactly be sure what wording another person will use to describe something. Your best bet is to use a synonym to describe things or actions:

      • parrot  screamed
      • redhead  macaw
      • noisy  ara
      • red  feathering
      • loud  screaming
      • frightening  scream
    • keyboard_arrow_right Don't hesitate to repeat yourself from other detail pages

      If you wrote something related to this person on that person's detail page then you won't make a mistake if you write that again here in the person's occasion page.

      The same goes for detail page about you. As always for detail pages: "More is good!"

  • view_column Sections

    You create sections of pairs and that way you organize a detail page.

    It's not defined how you should create sections, it's up to you to find the way that suits you well. The sections won't affect the Hopemeet match engine - only the content (the words in a detail page) is significant for it.

    You create a new section by clicking the Add button. A new section with an empty pair will be created at the place where the Add button was before.

    A new section has all the properties and functionalities like any other section.

  • highlight Highlight pair

    On a possible match page, the matching user can see all the highlighted pairs you set in your detail pages.

    The presented details are there to help in assuring the matching user that you are the person he/she has looked for.

    The other user will reject a match if highlighted words don't sound familiar to him/her. That way false positives are prevented and some time is spared too.

    When you place the cursor in a field and you click the Highlight button in the top panel, then that pair gets an amber color background indicating it has been highlighted.

    When you click the Default button (in the top panel), you are reverting a status of the pair to normal.

    To save the changed status of a pair in database, you must click the Update button.

  • spellcheck Spelling suggestions

    Your occasions detail pages are compared with the other users' occasions detail pages by the Hopemeet mach engine.

    When a word is spelled correctly then your chances for a match are increased. We give you a way to correct eventual spelling errors in your detail pages.

    The words that can be found in the dictionary are colored black in detail pages. If a word isn't in the dictionary or if you made a spelling mistake then that word text color changes to dark pink.

    Click any misspelled word (having the dark pink text color) to list the spelling suggestions for it in the detail page's top panel.

    When you click a misspelled word then your browser will start scrolling to the suggestions panel. If you want to prevent the scrolling then you should select the related option in your profile page.

    To accept some word instead of the word you typed in, you just click on it in the top panel.

    You may add the original word to the dictionary by clicking it in the top panel. The original word is placed last in the list of words and it's underlined. After that, you won't get the spell suggestions anymore in a detail page for that word when you enter it.

  • save Updating data

    You save a pair in the database when you confirm the second word of a pair. An empty field will prevent saving of a pair.

    If you haven't changed some other data on the page, the Update button will be drawn without borders after that.

    If your changes are not synchronized with the database then the Update button borders are visible. That reminds you that you should click the button to preserve changes in the database.

  • delete_forever Deleting data

    If you want to delete a pair then you must delete its both words. After updating the page data, the pair is deleted and disappears from the detail page.

    If you want to delete a section then you must delete all the pairs it holds. That section will be deleted after you click the page's Update button.

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