Adding new person

  • person_add Introduction

    Person is the basic element of the Hopemeet match engine. The main goal of the engine is to connect you with a person you've set up.

  • description Description

    Enter the person's unique description. Make it short and concise so you can easily differentiate that person from other persons visible on your home page.

    Person description will not be used by the match engine, it's for your use only.

  • subject Additional information

    This text area is for your use only, too. It may be used as a to-do list or notes for thoughts.

    You may also use it for helper text you can maybe find useful if you're going to return to the person page after a while.

  • wc Gender

    Person gender is an information the Hopemeet match engine will use in searching for a match.

    Select Other if person gender is unknown to you or if that information is irrelevant.

  • language Language

    You should set correct spoken language as will help you correct misspelled words.

    Correctly spelled words may be a factor in successful match finding as the match engine compares your detail pages words to those entered by the other users on their corresponding detail pages.

  • thumbs_up_down Add to match engine

    When you add a new person the match engine will automatically include that person in match searching.

    Deselect that option here on add person page if you for any reason don't want that process to start immediately.

  • save Saving data

    By clicking the Save button, you will create and save the person in the database. You will be redirected to that person's page after.

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