Adding new occasion

  • person_pin_circle Introduction

    Occasion is the basic element of the Hopemeet match engine.

    An occasion is connected to a person. Time and location when and where you met person are occasion's main elements.

  • short_text Name

    An occasion name is a descriptive information for your use only.

    Make it short and concise so you could differentiate that occasion from others in related person's list.

    This entry is optional and you may leave this field empty if you want. If you do that, the occasion on the occasions list will be presented with its human-readable location and date.

  • access_time Time

    To define occasion time, you should enter at least one of the time attributes (year, month, day, and hour with minutes).

    You can choose a date by picking it from the calendar that will pop up after you click on the Pick a date... field. The other way to define a date is to select date parts from the fields below.

    Click the ...and time field to select an hour and a minute. The other way is to manually enter a time value in the field below.

    You may choose to pick a weekday instead of a numeric representation of a day in a month. Choose this option when you aren't sure about an exact date and you're pretty sure about a weekday.

  • timelapse Time accuracy

    When you are quite certain in time part you entered, you should select Exact accuracy.

    You should choose Around when you are in doubt.

    When you want the time part to be ignored by the Hopemeet match engine, then you should select Ignore.

  • place Latitude and longitude

    To set occasion latitude and longitude, place the marker in the map.

    As a shortcut, you may use the search box in the lower right corner of the map.

    After you enter characters in the search box, a list will appear helping you quickly locate a place. Choose an item from that list and the map will render that item in the center of the map.

  • my_location Location accuracy

    If you are certain of the location, save your data with the maximum zoom selected.

    Any smaller zoom implies you are less certain of the location you've entered.

    Use the first three options to define an occasion that happened somewhere on the Internet.

    If you met this person while both of you were traveling (on a plane, boat, etc.), select one of the next three options.

  • save Saving data

    When you click the Save button, the occasion will be created and saved in the database. You will be immediately redirected to that occasion page.

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