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    Welcome to hopemeet.me help pages!

    This is the main page of our help section. Here, you can find some basic information about the hopemeet.me website and our Hopemeet match engine.

    You can find links to all our help pages in the list on the left side of every help page in this section. This page is at the top of that list.

    The help page is divided into sections. Click on the section's header with an icon and a section's title to reveal that section's content.

  • people_outline Concept
    • keyboard_arrow_right Who should use hopemeet.me?

      The purpose of the Hopemeet match engine is to connect you with the people you have no way of contacting.

      If you have some other options of contacting someone, you should try those options first. For example, if you can get contact information from a common acquaintance or friends, by searching the Internet based on known facts, etc. The Hopemeet match engine is there to help you when you've run out of options.

      Another practical use of the Hopemeet match engine is when the other person or you emphasize the hopemeet.me service and website as a way to keep in touch. That can happen if you're running out of time to exchange contact information or when exchanging contact information isn't possible or appropriate. In that case, the other person, or you, can pronounce hopemeet.me or Hopemeet match engine, for example. The goal should be pointing at this service as a way to establish contact between you and the other person.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Privacy and anonymity

      The hopemeet.me website and the Hopemeet match engine are designed to accomplish the intended goals by respecting your privacy and anonymity.

      Nobody, except you, can view the data you've entered. That data will be used only by the Hopemeet match engine software and for the sole purpose of searching for a possible match.

      Your contact information will possibly be shown to another user, but that will happen only and exclusively after you confirm the suggested user to be the person you are searching for. Also, you are able to review and pick the contact information you would like to provide the matching user. The same for the other way, as that is the only moment when the other user's contact information can be shown to you. That outcome represents the ultimate goal of the Hopemeet match engine.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Basic principles

      As an authenticated user you add a person from your home page.

      After that, you should detail that person and detail yourself with plain words.

      The next step is to add at least one occasion when and where you met this person.

      The last step in the data entry process is detailing the occasions you've added for the person.

      The Hopemeet match engine will search for a match at regular intervals, and you'll be notified if it finds a possible match. After, you should decide if the match really represents the person you are looking for.

  • verified_user Prerequisites

    You must create an account and be logged in in order to use the Hopemeet match engine.

    You can find more information on our authentication help page.

  • web Website structure
    • keyboard_arrow_right Website sections

      The index page of the website, the legal and help pages are available to all website visitors.

      A user's home page, and all related pages, is visible only to that particular user. User's profile page and related configuration pages together with all the user's persons pages and their related occasions pages are among those pages related to the logged in user.

    • keyboard_arrow_right Page layout

      Most of the website's pages are divided into three sections.

      A page header is spread over the middle and right section.

      The middle section contains data and related actions buttons. If the page requires the user to enter data, the Save (or Update button) will be at the top of the page.

      A help card is placed in the right section. Some short help tips emerge if you click on its picture. A link to the help page is below the card's picture. Above the card, you can find the current page position related to your home page (breadcrumbs ).

      The left section is reserved for the links collection. In a person page are those links to all the persons you've created. In the occasion page, those links are to all the occasions created for the current person.

  • contact_mail Contacting us

    If you can't find an answer to a question in our help section, you contact us from our contact page.

    You may find links to hopemeet.me social accounts there, too.

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This is the main page of our website's help section.
Here you can find basic information about hopemeet.me website and our Hopemeet match engine.
You can find the links to all our help pages in the list on the left side of this page.