Hopemeet match engine

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  • The Hopemeet match engine is a service that helps you connect with people with whom you otherwise wouldn't have a way to contact.
  • It is and will always be free to use - for everybody.


  • Hopemeet doesn't involve any type of browsing of other people's data.
  • Our website is privacy focused and it doesn't implement any type of user tracking mechanism. We respect your privacy.
  • Only you can see the data you've entered. You'll not enjoy a social gathering on our website, but your social life may improve.
  • Hopemeet uses your data for the sole purpose of connecting with that specific person you look forward to meeting again.

Match engine for everybody

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  • The Hopemeet match engine is an autonomous web service. All code resides and runs on our servers.
  • We store your data on our own servers, and only the Hopemeet match engine uses that data.
  • Our servers render and provide all geolocation and geocoding data.
  • Our servers provide the language dictionaries used for spell checking.
  • We send emails directly from our servers.
  • Our website uses encryption to prevent anyone, other than you, from being able to read your data.


  • For you to create an account, Hopemeet needs your email.
  • You decide whether that information is also your contact information. That is the closest to anonymity we can get.
  • We provide that contact information to the suggested user only after you confirm that he or she is the person for whom you have searched and with whom you want to connect and meet again.
  • That outcome represents the ultimate goal of the Hopemeet match engine. Hopemeet.me doesn't use your information for any other purpose.


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